Keeping Your Home Safe from Bed Bugs

You keep your Fort Myers home clean. You vacuum, dust, and wash regularly. Yet, even the cleanest homes can end up dealing with bed bugs. So, how can you protect your home from an infestation?

Know the Signs

Bed bugs are incredibly small and very difficult to see. They hide away during the day and can fit into the smallest crevices. They can be hard to detect, but there are signs of their unwanted presence. Common signs of bed bugs include:

  • Dark brown or black stains on sheets.
  • Shed exoskeletons.
  • Bite marks on your body that travel in a straight line.

Take Care of Bed Bugs Right Away

If you are faced with bed bugs fort myers, it’s important to schedule an appointment with a professional. While you can find plenty of DIY methods to eliminate an infestation online, it can be very difficult to completely eradicate the infestation on your own. The best way to ensure that your home is free of bed bugs.

What You Can Do to Avoid Infestations

Bed bugs can cause serious problems. But how do you get an infestation in the first place? Bed bugs can get into your home by hitching a ride on your clothes or personal belongings. You can pick them up at a hotel, the office, public transportation, or even a friend’s house. There are things that you can do to help avoid an infestation. Inspect hotel rooms for bed bugs. Wash bedding used by guests on high heat after they leave. Inspect your kid’s items when they come home from a friend’s house. Inspect used furniture before purchasing it and bringing it home. By taking these preventative steps, you can help to avoid bed bug problems.

Bed bugs might not transmit disease, but they can cause a variety of other issues. Taking steps to keep you to avoid these problems and keep your family safe.

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