LCD TV  Screen Problems and Solutions

The LCD TVs have captured a major portion of the Television market. The main reason many customers prefer is that of their consumption of low power and lightweight design. In this article, we focus on common LCD TV problems. Does the LCD television which you bought for a considerable sum show you the blank screen? Then you have a problem. Fortunately, you have landed on this page. We give you the common reasons for the problem.

  1. Backlight Issues

Yes, you hit the bull’s eye. The picture on the television model gets illuminated because of the backlight. If the same part has got a problem, then you may not see the picture on the screen. So there is no option but to replace the backlight in the LCD television model. You need to hire a TV repair expert to fix the problem. If you have the warranty, then get it replaced from a service center.

  1. Power Inverter

The blank TV screen is a common LCD problem. The power inverter can also be the reason for this problem. So, you need to replace the capacitor or the inverter.

  1. Power Supply

Yes, there can also be a problem with the power supply. In this situation, you cannot switch on the TV. Or you cannot see images on the LCD TV screen. But please note, if the power inverter (for backlight) is in good condition, you can switch on the TV, but cannot see images on the screen. But if the power supply is not working, then you cannot switch on the TV.


There is another way to check if the issue is related to the backlight. Try putting a light on your TV model with another source (battery, flashlight or mobile). Can you see images on the screen? Then the TV is in good condition and the reason is the backlight. In similar situations, you can fix the problem with the replacement of power inverter or backlight. You can contact the manufacturer or hire a TV repair expert to get a permanent fixture to this problem.

So, how do you hire the best expert in your town? Just check if there are home care companies which provide doorstep repair services to customers. Download their app, and hire the best technicians among the list of reputed companies. You can also book the service as per your convenience to get the LCD TV screen problem fixed in quick time.

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