Leading Paving Supplier Now Selling Artificial Green Walls

London Stone, one of the UK’s favourite natural stone paving suppliers, have now extended their collections to include more materials for their customers and clients to choose from, including Vistagreen artificial green walling – a new material that is now being included in a vast array of landscaping projects and garden designs.

Vistagreen artificial green walls have forever changed the landscaping industry, holding the ability to bring walls of all kinds and in all locations to life, bringing much needed colour and texture to otherwise dull vertical spaces – Both indoors and outdoors. Vistagreen artificial walling was designed by an experienced and award winning horticulturist to ensure that people could provide more greenery in spaces where real plants can not grow well.

Vistagreen artificial walling comes in individual panels, each of which mimic the growing patterns of real plants, these panels them fit together seamlessly to provide a clean and realistic design. This walking looks 100% real and does not require any ongoing maintenance, unlike living walls. It can be personalised by users to ensure it fits their needs and requirements impeccably – Some of the Vistagreen options available to purchase from London Stone for example are:

Vistagreen Signature Panels – Artificial green walling that comes in 800x800mm panels. These panels can each be cut to exact dimensions to fit specific areas.

Vistagreen Colour Boxes – Vistagreen Colour Boxes are designed to enable consumers to customise their artificial green walls, available in three colours – Delicate White, Lush Green and Soft Lavender. These boxes contain a range of plant and grasses that can be tied easily to Vistagreen panels to add a touch of colour.

Another great thing about the Vistagreen walling now available at London Stone is that is comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of five years, giving customer’s peace of mind as well as complete satisfaction. Anyone interested in discovering more information about this amazing walling or purchasing some for themselves should visit the London Stone website right away where we are sure they will not be disappointed.

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