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Much before the concept of accent furniture came in, chandeliers used to be the accent piece in the living room. It was truly a mark of a truly exquisite and sophisticated home décor. Earlier, these accent pieces could be seen in very rich households. However, now, it is available to everyone depending upon the taste and budget of the buyer. There are umpteen variety of chandelier from very simple ones to the most elaborate crystal ones. The humongous range of chandeliers that are available in India makes sure that there is a chandelier for every living room.

Lighting plays a very important role in the living room. And it is crucial to find the perfect chandelier for your house. A lot of factors go into zeroing in on that one exquisite piece of chandelier. But before evaluating your own room to find the appropriate chandelier, it would be very interesting to know what goes behind making the awesome pieces of art.

Taking a Close Look

Usually a cluster of suspended incandescent light bulbs mounted on a ceiling or wall is known as chandelier. Traditionally, chandeliers were made of crystal prisms. As we know, light travelling through prism comes out in a beautiful spectrum of colors. The same technology has been used to create this excellent piece of art where the lights are arranged in coordination with crystal prisms in such a way that they illuminate the place through refracted light. Earlier, candles were used to light the chandeliers.

The Contemporary Avatar of Chandeliers

The modern avatar of chandeliers has gone through a sea change. From the bulky and heavy maintenance demanding chandeliers that graced the huge living rooms of the rich and famous, the latest versions have minimalist and chic design. Now the mandatory use of prisms as compared to the traditional chandeliers has become immaterial. The lights are arranged in vivid pattern to exude different effect through direct lights. A lot of creativity and innovation go into designing and making these chandeliers.

There are several handmade rope chandelier manufacturers in India who making incredible contribution to this sector. And not just in India, the chandelier lamp suppliers in India are also reaching out to the overseas clients. Like many other Indian craft that garner a lot of reverence worldwide, the chandeliers from India are also one of the most sought after ones.

Take The Right Pick

While choosing the right chandelier for your home, it is important to first evaluate a few points. Here are some tips to find the right chandelier for your home.

  • Consider the size of the room you are planning to place the chandelier.
  • Gone are the days when chandeliers were placed at the centre of the ceiling in either living or dining rooms. Nowadays there are several beautiful designs that can be placed even in the corner of any rooms you want. Rather experimentation is the new rule of the game. Hence let your imagination go free and place it at unexpected location to add a jazz to your home décor
  • Choosing LED lights will help you save a lot of energy.
  • Just like the location set your mind free to explore newer designs, patterns, materials. While the crystal look is still a go to for many customers, some innovations in design and usage of different materials are also making their way into the market. They include metal, painted glass, varied shapes of bulbs, ropes, wood, metal frames and even seashell.
  • Hence do not stop yourself from exploring newer options. Go ahead and explore all the designs and choose the perfect one for your house.   



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