Lighting Control System and its Use in Different Known Places

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Lighting control system is a network based on light process which communicates with lights, input or output, with one or more computer devices. To have a perfect and quality light is main aspect of individuals today. Thus, this system helps in controlling the tasks or regulates the brightness of the light with small one touch devices. It helps in providing the right amount of light needed.

Places where this system are used

This system can be used in indoor or outdoor places in commercial, residential or industrial spaces.

Commercial spaces


  • Small commercial spaces


    • Local controller is used for wireless lighting control system


  • Wireless adapters are used to connect the luminaries
  • Wireless sensors are used to control the lighting effect
  • Load bearing wireless switches are used
  • Medium to large commercial spaces


  • Here a group controller is used along with the local controller
  • A local controller manages the small lighting systems while the group controller controls the activity of all the local controller

Residential spaces

  1.   Single room solution (simple rotator dimmers are used to control the lights effect)
  2.    Multiple room solution (it includes kitchen, garden and several other rooms then a stronger rotator system is used)
  3.    Whole house solution (for this, the tailor made scene setting system by any company can be used)
  4.    Retrofit solution (these includes circuits which are already been there from before. This can be controlled by using wireless systems)

Industrial spaces


  • For warehouse, HID(high intensity discharge) lamps are used to control the usage and brightness of light
  • LED fixtures are also used for warehouses
  • Sensors are used in the industries which determine the temperature and activity in different areas of the industries
  • Network LED lights are used for better communication and efficiency.


Thus, this system has made the lives of people easier and more technological day by day with new inventions and new ideas.

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