Make Your Landscape Look Elegant with Sandstone Pavers

Sandstone pavers offer a wide range of benefits. These stones do not wear easily and can stand strong against any type of weather condition. Other important advantage of sandstone pavers is that they can be easily installed. Durable and versatile, they can be customized to any dimension and shape. You can get a very natural looking landscape that will last you a lifetime.

This is why sandstone paving is the first choice when people are looking to get a unique yet pocket-friendly look for any outdoor area.

Common Applications

Commonly used in landscaping due to their natural appeal, they can create beautiful walkways in your garden or elegant patio floors, the ways sandstone pavers can be used are almost endless.

Sandstone is a porous stone, which allows the percolation of water within. This means these stones can easily store huge quantities of water, being able to withstand wet environments really well. For this reason, they are also the perfect option for pool surroundings or pool coping.

How to maintain and clean your pavers:

  • Sealing:

It is highly recommended sealing your sandstone pavers to avoid any overtime staining. If you fail to seal them, then it may be difficult to remove stains from the surface of the pavers completely. When buying sandstone pavers, you should consult the manufacturer about the best type of sealer for your particular application of this product.

  • Cleaning:

You also need to be careful when choosing the solution for cleaning your sandstone pavers. Do not use any cleaning solution that contains in its composition elements like acid, ammonia, alkaline, or bleach. These solutions can break down your sealant and affect the repellency of the stone. Buy a cleaner which is neutral and formulated especially for natural stones.

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