Mirrored sliding door wardrobe designs with loft for small spaces

A loft conversion is great for adding more space to your home. Turning a loft into a bedroom can add to its market value by 19% and increase the amount of space you have to work with within your home up to 50%. Love conversions do not have to be used solely as a bedroom space. If you have a need for a new home office, walk-in wardrobe or even a bathroom a loft conversion can be beneficial for your home.

While loft conversions are a great use of space, slanting roofs and oddly shaped corners can provide a hindrance when it comes to storage space and furniture layout. This issue can be combated by clever techniques and mirrors to make the room look larger.

How mirrored sliding doors can make your room look larger:

Mirrors have a unique way of reflecting light and colour onto different surfaces within a room. This makes not only your room look larger but also more open and brighter. Using sliding doors wardrobes gives an added effect of openness, due to the number of mirrors in the room increasing. Luckily, most wardrobes are available with the option of sliding mirrored doors. Now all you have to do is figure out a way to maximize wardrobe space.

Build storage around the bed:

When space is a commodity utilizing all that you have available is key. Buying custom fitted wardrobes that move with the angles of the roof can help utilize awkward spaces successfully. Building wardrobes around the bed for more wall space so you can prop up furniture and all the other aesthetics around the room. By adding mirrored doors onto this wardrobe the light and colours in the room will bounce onto the whole room making it look larger.

Fit wardrobes under the eaves:

Eaves that otherwise go on used can be a great place to fit wardrobes into the walls. This not only utilizes that space but also helps create a look that is not boxy and appears bigger.  The great thing about this solution is that it can be used in any type of room.

 If you are using your loft conversion for a bathroom or a study it will work just as well as it will if you were to use it in a bedroom. Adding sliding mirror doors will make space more easily accessible as normal hinged doors may be harder to open in an eave, whilst also adding to the appearance of a larger room.

Create a window seat with storage underneath:

If you have an awkwardly shaped area in your loft conversion that can be hard to utilize, turning that into an effective storage solution can be easier than you think. Create smaller sized wardrobes, with sliding mirrored doors and double it as a seating solution by adding upholstered cushions. This incorporated with your larger wardrobes can add to the storage space, and works great in children’s rooms.

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