Moving into Your New Home

Those of you who have moved before knowing that it’s not a simple as scooping up your stuff and scooting over to your new place and setting up life somewhere new all in the same day.

The opposite is true. The moving process can take months of planning and preparation, here we offer you a free guide to moving into your luxury apartment in hopes we can take away some of the stress and tribulations of house removals.

We share our years of industry experience to make this as painless as possible.

Planning and preparation

So, you’ve made the big decision to completely uproot and move somewhere new. This means that there are some important people to notify about your upcoming move. Informing your banks, credit cards, mobile phones, subscription services as well as friends and family will all pool together to make sure that there’s no confusion. Disconnecting your utilities and internet on a certain date and setting them up in your new home will save you a lot of trouble and hassle down the line.

Removal companies can be booked many weeks in advance, it’s important to beat everyone else to it sand arrange all house removals bangor services far in advance. You might also need to think about hitting a handyman to make repairs in your old home. Your items should be there for a period of time before you can move in. You can also find the best rates for each service via a comparison website online. The earlier you book this, the more options it will leave you.

Time management

Many of us can be known to misjudge how much time we have before the big move. You can destress by freeing up your schedule. This might include taking some time off work, maybe a day or a week – what can you get away with? It can really reduce the amount of stress you are under. With your complete focus on your big move you are sure to get things done a lot quicker and smoother.


Moving to a new house is the perfect chance to assess the value of your items and belongings. This then enables you to declutter your home and get rid of those bits of gubbins you have simply been keeping just because. As well as you will have the opportunity to sell items and donate items to a charity of your choice. You can determine if your existing furniture will fit very nicely into your new home or whether you need to consider purchasing completely brand new furniture.

Packing supplies

Make sure that you don’t forget the essential packing supplies. This includes boxes, parcel tape, fragile warning tape, bubble wrap, packaging paper, permanent markers and labels for boxes. Being properly prepared when you are packing will be a fantastic benefit to you. This is true especially when it comes to unpacking after you’ve made the big move. Being able to find a labelled box quickly and unpack in the order that you significantly reduce stress

These tips will help you through one of the most stressful experiences that life can throw at us.

Moving into a new property has never been easier with our guide to moving to a new home in North Wales

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