Need More Living Room Space? Check These Amazing Interior Ideas

The living room of your house is the space for engaging conversations, family time, and small parties. Having more space and floor room makes a big difference, not just to the basic requirements, but also to the aesthetics. As contemporary homes get smaller, creating space in the living area is getting harder, but to be fair, all you need is a few good ideas. In this post, we bring some easy ways to add visual and real space to the living room.

  • Mirrors come in handy when it is about visual space. If placed opposite to the window, mirrors bring in natural light, while you can also place a big one on the center just for that extra visual space.
  • Glass furniture makes the cut. See-through furniture items do create additional visual space, because the light can pass through. A good example are see-through shelves, which are extremely easy to use and can be installed right on the wall.
  • Greenery around. While placing a few plants in the living room may seem to be taking some more space, you can actually use small plants and shrubs in your favor to add more natural look to the room. Smaller ones can be placed on the shelves or even on the window rim.
  • Create a feature wall. Some of the best homes you see on Pinterest and Instagram have a feature wall, and the reason is simple – it adds aesthetic value and shifts the attention from the floor. You don’t need a lot to create a feature wall, but make sure that you have the right elements, paintings and artifacts that can go together to create a theme.
  • Use the lighting wisely. If you can choose to use the light sources to create that extra effect in the living room. A simple idea is to place a few special sources around the metal surfaces, which will reflect the light to add that visual space.
  • Think of mason jars. Most of us stock away mason jars in the kitchen, but if you are smart enough, you can use these to add some extra elements in the living room. Hang these from the wall to shift the attention from the floor, or just place a few flowers in these on the shelves.
  • Get the Gloss tv unit  on the wall. You need more real floor space, and the entertainment unit is just taking up more space. A good idea is to get the TV on the wall, so that the unit can be removed. Just make sure that the viewing angles are right.
  • Weightless furniture is necessary. Get rid of anything in the living room that’s bulky or is taking up more space than expected. You can check online to find more on furniture that can have dual use and is light in terms of weight at the same time.
  • Finally, consider if you can use sliding doors. Sliding doors does make a space difference, if done right. In case you want more aesthetic value, consider replacing some of the interior door furniture.

Start redesigning your living room now!

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