Pro Tips to Make Small Bathrooms Look Larger with Glass

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Custom windows are an excellent way to improve home exteriors. However, did you know that custom glass installations inside the home can make small spaces like bathrooms appear larger? These three ideas can help you easily create the illusion of a more spacious room.

1.  Brighten Up the Room with Light

The bathroom can be brightened up quickly with lighter wall and ceiling colors but using the power of natural lighting can also create a larger visual appearance. If a window is present, utilize sheer linens to maximize natural light penetrations. Don’t have a window in the bath? A professional custom window installer can help homeowners explore attractive options that will not only make the room look larger, but more aesthetically appealing.

2.  Go Big with Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors not only reflect light, but the can also provide the appearance of a larger space—especially in small bathrooms. While temptation may lend itself to go small in small areas, design specialists advise going big in order to reflect more light and magnify the room further visually. This is a great opportunity to invest in custom mirror pieces with attractive frames or even wall-to-wall mirrors that truly maximize the use of light.

3.  Strategic Glass Panels

Expand the look of bathroom space by installing a glass panel or shower door instead of a curtain that makes the room look smaller. Choosing a frameless glass shower door can make a remarkable difference and create a classier look. Enjoy greater privacy by using a tinted, frosted or etched glass. Glass panels are also excellent to create room dividers and even for use on bathroom entry doors for those looking for a sleek, modern look.

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