Pros and Cons of Granite Countertop

And you thought you know in and out about granite countertops?

Think again!

We are sure there are still a lot of things you have absolutely no idea about, especially when it comes to Granite Selection. You have to be sure about what kind of granite you are buying. Way before that, you have to decide why you are buying this granite.

Do you want to use the granite remnant for your garden?

Do you want to use the remnant for your office table?

Are you planning to make a side table or sitting area out of it?

Do you want to put it as a step on the floor in a section of your house?

Do you want to put the granite as a countertop in the kitchen area?

No matter what you want to do with the granite material, you have to be sure about it. The design or plan has to be ready and only then you can make the purchase.

If you have no idea about the pros and cons of granite countertop, in case you are planning to go for it, you must learn about the same, first.

Let us start with the pros of granite countertop:

  • Granite is natural and thus, the strongest thing you would ever come across. It is very sustainable. You don’t have to change the countertop over and over again, if you use granite in the kitchen of your house.
  • If you want something that can resist the heat, granite is the only thing you need. You can place the hottest pots here, but nothing would happen to this beauty.
  • Let us tell you that granite countertops are the most scratch resisting things you would ever come across in your life. They are just the best.
  • They are available in various colors and thus, you have a wide list to choose from. You can keep your finger on any design you like and it can be installed as a countertop in your kitchen.

Now let us move to the cons of granite countertops so that you are prepared for its demerits too:

  • There are a few granite countertops that are way too expensive and thus, if you want to buy something in the decided budget, it is not possible.
  • If the countertop has not been sealed properly, it can absorb wine and other such liquid items, staining the granite forever.

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