Qualities and Advantages of bamboo bed sheet

Bamboo is a wild plant that grows spontaneously and does not require fertilizers or pesticides since it has a natural protection. Every time we find more products made of bamboo as an alternative to organic cotton, and many of you are asking us about its advantages or characteristics as a fabric. As a summary, we can say that it is mainly a soft and absorbent fabric, breathable, with antibacterial properties and ideal for sensitive skin.

About bamboo sheet sets

Buying can be a difficult task and even more so if you choose bed sheets materials that are not very comfortable or even cumbersome.

There are many types of materials, threads, finishes, and brands so that you have a clearer idea, we leave you some points that you should take into account while buying bamboo sheets.

Sheet materials for a bed according to your need

Bamboo is everywhere, and its use in bed sheets has become more popular in recent years.

Advantage of Bamboo sheets:

  • Very soft to the touch, even more than cotton.
  • They allow air to pass freely, allowing heat to escape between your fibbers and making you sleep cooler.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic and moisture reducing.

Why use them?

The Bamboo sheets are ideal to place in the crib of babies, since they are 100% natural, which response to a very soft texture and a very healthy fabric, in the winter they are very warm and at the same time light, so both collaborate with the comfort and well-being of the baby.

In addition to being very decorative, these sheets are cozy and warm, so when the cold arrives there is nothing better than warm with them.

One of the recommendations that are made is that they should be washed before being used for the first time, since that way the texture of the fabric is softened, another tip is that they should be washed separately from other clothes, and avoid wrinkles.

According to the manufacturer brands, they identify each set of Bamboo sheets with a name that distinguishes them; therefore this facilitates the choice of the model and the purchase.

How to do care of bamboo sheets

The methods of care are simple and do not require any special methodology. Bamboo fabrics also require less washing than most cotton, which also plays a role in the life cycle of a product. In addition to this, bamboo fibbers require less dye than cotton for colouring and keep their bright colours much longer.

Washing the bamboo serves to remove impurities: According to the quality of the scraping that has been carried out previously, it will influence the amount of water used, therefore, the more impurities are left, and the greater the amount of water will be necessary. Subsequently, it will be subjected to a drying and classification of the fibber according to qualities, to then carry out a brushing that will help to detach filaments and release the natural dust and adhesions that have remained. This will make the fibber smoother and cleaner. Finally, the debris is carried out, making the bamboo fibber soften. Once the desired tissue is obtained, it is then bleached and dyed.

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