Real Estate- an environment-friendly industry:

The real estate industry has witnessed a lot of growth in recent years. The impetus nowadays is on the sustainable building as the economy grows more conscious over its impact on the ecosystem. This thought process has resulted in the improvisation of building supplies all over the world.

How do you choose environmental friendly building materials?

Some of these materials have been traditionally used for a longer time period than you can imagine. The Romans used unforced concrete for building their temples.  Depending on whether you wish to build a residential or commercial space, your choice of materials will be affected accordingly. The important thing to remember from the construction phase throughout the serviceable life of the building and even after it is the effect it has on the environment. Durability, maintenance, aesthetic appeal and cost of each material are some primary factors of consideration.  Where ever it is possible, try manufacturing these building supplies on site. This helps to keep transport costs and consequential fuel emissions at a minimum. Materials used should be recyclable. A screw and a nut can be deployed (if the design permits) instead of adhesive or permanent solutions in joint areas. Before committing to use a particular material, please check how easy it is to install to avoid unnecessary delays and labor cost.

How do you ensure health and safety?

Perhaps the most important factor to consider, the aim should be to minimize materials that might aid in the initiation and/or spread of fire. Some building materials emit large amounts of CO2 and other harmful chemicals during application or shelf life. Care should be taken so as to prevent any adverse effect on the health of your construction team or the building occupants in the short term or long term. Genuine building supplies companies always share properly documented procedures for general precautions, storage, preparation, installation, maintenance as well as waste disposal. So always stay updated on the supplies chain market. You wouldn’t want to invest your hard-earned capital in fraudulent suppliers who will provide substandard products.

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