Richards-Wilcox Door Hardware Presents: Tips for Selecting the Right Hardware for Your Doors

Selecting the right hardware for your doors is an essential step towards achieving the look and function of your home. Just as any other part of the home, there are numerous varieties of door hardware. Each is designed for different purposes and with a different aesthetic appeal.

When making a choice, consider certain factors that could affect the functionality and appeal of the door. For instance, some door hardware are ideal for a traditional and rustic décor or finishing. Here are a few other door accessories and tips you can use to make the right choice from Richards-Wilcox door hardware.

Door Handles

There are two types of door handles. The levers and the knobs. Knobs come in either round or oval shapes. Round-shaped knobs are perfect for homes with a traditional finish or décor while oval options are better suited for contemporary finishes. However, knobs can be difficult for children to open.

Lever handles are more diverse and perfect for a contemporary or elegant look. They are easier to open compared to knobs and harder to child-proof. When buying a lever, you have to consider if the door opens to the left or the right and purchase a matching lever.


There is not much choice when it comes to hinges. There are two primary types of hinges. The contemporary options are more popular in most modern homes. They vary in shape and size and tend to blend in with the rest of the door.

Traditional options are bolder and easily noticed. They are not common but bring depth and authenticity to the home. These include a variety of strap hinges and hangers.  Hinges can come in different styles. These include traditional, top mount of decorative. It is essential to match the hinge to the finish or décor of the house.

Finishes for door hardware

Choosing the right finish for your door hardware can be more complicated than selecting the parts. There are different types of finishes like Brass, Chrome, Nickel, Bronze, Crystal, and Copper.

Each finish serves different functions depending on the décor and finishing of the room. Crystal finishes, for instance, are ideal for adding flair and elegance to the room. Copper finishes are more diverse and work with both rusting and contemporary finishes. The most popular finishes which are chrome offer a mirror-like finish that is well polished and goes well with modern or retro décor.

Finding the right hardware for your doors goes a long way in capturing the finish you have in mind. It is important to remember that functionality is key when deciding. Finally, get hardware from certified, reputable dealers to avoid getting duped. Call us at 800- 253- 5668 to get a quote for Richards-Wilcox door hardware.

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