Selecting the Right Sofa for the Living Room

The sofais oneessential piece of furniture in every living room requires. It is the most favoured spot of every member in the household to spend their lazy Sundays or entertain family, friends and guests. With endless choices of sofas, even the strong-willed will waver when it comes to selecting the perfect couch to complement their living room interior design. However, some guidelines will help in saving time, money and buyer’s remorse and in landing the perfect sofa.

Size matters

Before deciding on the size of the sofa, you need to consider the aspects like the size of the room, how much space will the sofa occupy, the additional furniture and the couch’s use and its placement. If there is a coffee table involved, then an L-shaped sofa will be a good fit. In case, the sofa is the focal point of the room, then a rounder couch with full seating options will do the trick.


Most often in living room interior design, direction plays a vital part in successfully organising furniture according to a person’s lifestyle preference. Does it answer the questions of what do you want the sofa for and its use? Like whether it is a space for reading,connecting with friends and family or watching a movie after a rather long day.

Here is a tip!Incase, you frequently entertain guests, try placing your sofa in semi-circle or circle around a table for that easy connect. Also, plop some cushions and pillows if you want to create individual seating areas.


When it comes to choosing the shape of the couch, there are some living room interior design ideas that can help. If you have an open floor plan, the L-shaped sofa will be a good fit as it will effortlessly divide the space like between the living and dining room. A rounder shape is best for smaller areas, and if there is a need for individual chairs or tables, then chaise or a Diwan will be a great alternative.


As much as the aesthetics matter, so does functionality. Selecting a couch that has practical uses is indispensable especially when placing it in a high-traffic area like the living room.Some of the preferred fabric options for sofas are cotton,linen and synthetic fibre. If you are looking for a classic look, then leather upholstery will recreate that magic,andit comes with a longlife and less maintenance.

Here is another tip – If there are children and pets in the house, it is prudent to stay away from fabrics that easily stain and tough to maintain.


A living room home interior design reflects the character of people/person living there, so choose a sofa that complements your style and personality. Go with your gut instinct when selecting them for that natural fit. If you like a clean and sleek look, choose a sofa with clean lines and dramatic colours or with aneclectic design (if it matches your character). Don’t shy away from unique or fun printed couches as it will transform the room complete with a personal touch.

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