Should you opt for Reupholstering or Purchase a New Sofa Set?

In case, you have bought a sofa set that you would like to replace the fabric, or the present sofa set has incurred significant wear and tear or sagging, you would look forward to finding an upholstery Dubai solution near you. It would be pertinent to mention here that reupholstering your sofa set would be the best options suitable to your specific needs.

In addition, people who have customized furniture would have upholstery as an integral aspect of the overall project cost. You should rest assured that the cost of furniture upholstery would differ largely. It would be dependent on the size, style, type of fabric, and the amount of repair required for the sofa set.

Talking to a professional company

The foremost step would be to talk with an upholstery Dubai professional who could assist you in determining the upholstery costs. After you come across a professional upholstery Dubai store, there have been a couple of important aspects that would actually affect the overall cost of upholstering the furniture.

What makes reupholstering a sofa set better than purchasing a new one?

When you actually look forward to determining whether reupholstering the sofa set is cheaper than purchasing a new one, you should consider a few important aspects. You do not wish to spend money on either option made available if there had been a better way.

Reupholstering has been a great mode to keep the old sofa sets out of the landfills. Moreover, it has been deemed an inexpensive method of keeping your sofa sets like new. You should rest assured that reupholstering has not been as expensive as purchasing a new sofa set. The cost would not burn a significant hole in your pocket.

The question to ponder upon would be how to consider whether it would be cheaper to reupholster the sofa instead of purchasing a new one. Let us delve on some important questions to consider.

  • Is the sofa set more than 100 years old?

In event of the furniture lasting longer than ten years, chances would be higher about it being strong enough to last a couple of more years. It would be worth the cost spent on its reupholstering.

  • Is the frame of the sofa built with high-quality wood?

Is the frame manufactured from high-quality hardwood and joints attached using screws and glue would hold the frame together?

  • Is the padding made from foam?
  • Are you really fond of the sofa set?

These questions would help you determine whether you should reupholster or purchase the new one.

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