Some of the Most Common Plumbing FAQs

While many homeowners take their plumbing for granted, things can easily take a turn for the worse, especially if your drains are not cleaned regularly. Here are a few plumbing FAQs that might help you in the future.

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  • Why Is My Water Heater Making Strange Noises? This requires some professional assistance, as it could be down to several reasons, and by calling in a heating engineer, you will soon know the cause of the strange noises.

  • What Do I Do If I Experience A Drain Blockage? The obvious answer is to search online for a repair service for blocked drains at 24/7 Drainage Solutions, which happens to have professionals that can rectify the problem. This type of company is totally geared up for all kinds of drain issues and can even send down a go-anywhere CCTV buggy to take a close look at any section.

  • What If I Hear Strange Noises Coming From The Drains? This is likely to be caused by a partial blockage at one of the U bends, which causes the water to swirl and gurgle, and by calling in a local drain cleaning specialist, your partial blockage won’t become a full one. There are over-the-counter drain cleaning products you can buy, but unless you know exactly where the blockage is, it won’t be of much use, and for what it costs, you are better off having your drains cleaned by a local company.

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  • My Hot Water Isn’t As Hot As It Normally Is– This could be caused by a number of factors, and the best solution is to call in a local heating engineer, who will be able to diagnose the problem and recommend a solution. It might be a boiler issue, and if your boiler is old, now is a good time to think of replacing the unit.

  • My Water Bill Is Unusually HighThis would indicate you have a leak somewhere, and one way to check is turn off all the taps and look to see if the meter is moving. If it is, then you have a leak, and finding it can be a real challenge, which is something to be left to a plumber who specialises in leaks.


  • My Central Heating System Isn’t Working Properly– Another main problem that wet central heating systems often encounter, and there could be a number of reasons for this, which is why you should call your local plumber, who has both the know-how and the tools to fix the issue. If some of your radiators are not as hot as the others, this might be due to a sludge build-up, and that is something a plumber can fix.

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Whatever the plumbing issue, it makes sense to call in a plumber, as he can quickly diagnose the issue and carry out effective repairs. The plumbing issues listed above are just some of the possible problems you might encounter, and by calling in a qualified plumber, you can be sure of a quick fix.

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