Some useful tips that will help you choose the right heat pump

There is a bitter cold outside, and the weather forecast promises another week of bitter cold. So that you can enjoy comfort in warmth and comfort, Liisi’s good partner, AC Kliima, will share with you some useful tips that will help you choose the right heat pump. Read more and fill your home with pleasant warmth!

When choosing an airheat pump, you need to understand the important parameters that will simplify the selection of the product you need. There is a wide range of pumps on the market, and you’ll save time and money wisely when you choose equipment.

The price class of air heat pumps depends mainly on their power

The device with a small capacity will cost, as a rule, cheaper, and it is ideal for heating small rooms. To know more about Värmepump Stockholm seek help online.

Below we describe the three key parameters that will help you choose the appropriate airheat pump.

COP comparison what is it and why?

One of the most important indicators of heat pumps is the socalled “conversion factor”, or COP (eng. Coefficient of Performance). COP shows how much energy is needed to collect, transfer and release heat compared to the amount of this “collected” from outside heat energy. This is the main technical indicator, on the basis of which it is worthwhile to compare different models of heat pumps.

The higher the COP, the higher the energy efficiency of the pump

If the heat pump produces 4 kWh of heat, while consuming 1 kWh of electricity, then the COP value is 4.

COP is a dimensionless quantity that is measured at an external temperature of +7 ° C, and this figure is indicated in the description of each pump. Other parameters, such as SCOP or SEER, are not proportionate, since they could be measured under different conditions by different manufacturers.

Choose an air / heat pump of suitable power

First, when choosing the power of the Offert Värmepump, it is necessary to find out whether the device will be the main source of internal heating or only an auxiliary one. So you can find out how powerful an airtoair pump really is. Here the key role is played by the floor space and the location of the rooms.

If a lowcapacity heat pump is selected, the room will not heat up to the required temperature during heating or it will take longer. Thus, more electricity will be spent on heat generation.

After selecting the pump you need to select where to place it

When ordering an airheat pump in the online store AC Lima, the price already contains the cost of transport, installation on the wall frame and training in operation, and therefore you do not have to bear additional costs.The external module of the heat pump can be placed either on the external wall of the building and the wall frame, or next to the external wall on the ground frame. If the pump is installed in a wooden frame house, it is better to install the outer part on the ground frame, since the slight vibration that accompanies the operation of the unit can be felt near this wall.

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