Staging houses- misconceptions

While staging houses is considered the norm these days, there are still some misconceptions about the whys and hows of staging a house. Here are some myths and truths.

  1. Staging is not necessary for all houses- staging has become the norm today and enough and more research has shown its success. Every house can do with a bit of shine and polish, especially one that is well-loved. Think about yourself as a buyer and what you might look for when you go to a house. A bit of care shown in the appearance of the space? A welcoming feel and warmth when you step in? Well, all these are what the buyer would look for too in your house.
  2. A little mess is okay- it’s actually not. A buyer decides on many things by their first impressions. A little mess is not okay when you’re trying to convince a stranger to part with their money. Weeks old papers, messy closets, unclean kitchen counters or bathrooms are all enough to put someone off from considering your house as a legitimate expenditure. If you have things that are important to you but may not be what a buyer needs to see, then put them away in storage till the staging process is done. Climate controlled storage units Kansas City is a good place to start from. These kinds of storage facilities use technology to ensure that the optimum temperature and humidity is maintained. All your belongings- the tapestries, the old rocking chair, your CD and guitarcollection, hospital records- are kept safe in such a place. What’s more, the buyer doesn’t have to deal with any of it.
  3. Okay then, surface cleaning is enough- when you invite a buyer to your house, you’re basically inviting them to take a close look at the entire house, unless you specify otherwise. Don’t be miffed if they go through the draws and cupboards to check out the depth and space they have, or peep into the kitchen sink to say how clean it is. Surface cleaning is only a start. You need to do a thorough cleaning to ensure that your house basically sells itself.
  4. Staging is only about the interiors- a buyer approaches your house from the outside. The exteriors are his first point of connect. The paint should not be peeling off, the rain gutters should be clean, the roof tiles all in place. The windows and the letter box should be given attention to as well. If you have a garden, spruce it up before staging day. A fresh coat of paint for the front door creates a positive note from the get-go.
  5. Staging is an expensive process- it can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want it to be. You can go all out and rent a professional stager, hire furniture, make extensive repairs and so on. Or you can tidy up the place really well, place bowls of fruit and vases of fresh flowers and make other small but significant changes to your home.

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