Staging Your Home For Viewings

When it comes to selling a home, staging is everything. Staging a home allows the buyer to see clearly how the house could work for them and how it could possibly suit their family’s needs. Remember, first impressions count, and if you can get the staging right, it’s sure to make a huge difference to the buyer’s market.

It doesn’t have to break the bank!

Staging doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune on all new furnishings; it could simply mean a few changes or the odd tweak here and there, basically to make the most out of what you’ve got. If you’ve certain rooms that fit a purpose such as a dining room, for instance, it should be staged back to its original form so that buyers can see the potential for the space and if you want to go one step further, you can even lay the table (for decor purposes of course) as anything we can do to impress our buyers is a must.

Clean and fresh!

First things first and before you begin anything else, it’s a good idea to have a good sort out and clear out if you’ve hoarded things over the years. Buyers hate clutter and not only that it does nothing for the presentation of a home; it only makes it appear cluttered and small, so the aim is to make our homes as spacious as possible. De-cluttering is the perfect way to show off a house in its truest form; you may have some lovely quirky hidden features amongst that clutter that should be visible to the buyer, so make sure everything is packed away so that the home is noticeable in every aspect. If you have too much stuff and have nowhere to put it all, it may be worth hiring a temporary storage unit at least until after the sale anyway so that you work better with the space and only keep items you need per room.

Clean like never before because buyers do notice every single detail when inspecting a home to buy, don’t think that they won’t notice cobwebs, dust, or pet hairs as they surely will. A deep clean is the best method for homes up for sale. Include carpets and flooring, windows and sills, skirting boards, cookers, and cupboards-inside and out- as buyers never miss a trick and will most likely open up draws and cupboards to see the storage potential. Don’t allow buyers to be put off by smells, especially pet odours ensure everything is clean and smelling fresh.

Decor and de-personalise!

Buyers like to see how a home could work for them and suit their taste and decor is one of the most off-putting things for buyers, although it’s only cosmetic! If you have particular vibrant colours and wallpaper patterns it may be a good idea to freshen it all up with something more neutral, ok it may not be what you like but you have to remember that when we are selling we are staging for a potential buyer and our personal tastes have to be sacrificed temporarily, in order to help your Lucan estate agents get the best possible price for your home.

Also, it’s a good idea to try and de-personalise meaning we may have to take our family pictures and portraits down for the time being as well anything else such as gym equipment, hobby accessories, and toys, especially if stored in the living room.

Fix odd jobs!

Now’s the time to do those DIY repair jobs which we may have been putting off for some time, buyers notice everything so if something’s broken – Fix it! Do not give buyers the opportunity to see a flaw and possibly use that to knock something off the price as it does happen, and it happens fairly often. Fix everything, those dodgy light bulbs, creaky doors, broken tiles, and torn carpets, etc. If you don’t fancy replacing a whole slightly worn carpets, consider a professional clean or buy a new rug to freshen it up.

Finally, dress to impress, make beds, plump cushions, add fresh flowers, and make the home as welcoming as possible, and don’t forget the entrance- the first point of contact!

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