The Absolute BEST Kitchen Trends for 2019!

Are you thinking about a renovation that will transform your kitchen into your DREAM kitchen? Does your current layout look tired and dated? Or do you think your colour scheme could do with a simple change? Regardless of your desires, now is the PERFECT time to design the kitchen of your dreams. In 2019, people desire to have their kitchens in Bangor blending both purpose and function, with technology becoming increasingly present to make our lives easier.

As the centre of attention and the hub of activity, it is essential for kitchens to evolve and make both living and cooking as efficient as possible. Here we will help you out and look deeper into the absolute BEST kitchen trends for 2019, which will help you bring your dream kitchen into reality. From quality cabinets to spacious shelving, get all your kitchen inspiration that you will ever need right here!

Vibrant Colour Schemes

Choosing a vibrant colour scheme will continue to be the popular choice during 2019, with both pops of bright colour and colour clashes. We cannot emphasise enough how important colour can be in the colour. It should be a reflection of personality of the homeowner. You should consider creating a light and bright cooking area, with areas designed for entertaining having a dark scheme to create ambience.


Incorporating some pastel colours into your kitchen design is an incredibly easy way of injecting some fun into the kitchen. Those of you who are eager to create something completely individual, yet not brave enough for a dramatic contrast of colours, then pastels are absolutely perfect for you. Blue, yellow, pink and green pastels can really bring out that WOW factor in the kitchen.

Blue Hues

Blue is definitely one of the more popular choices at the moment when it comes to kitchen colour schemes. To be more specific, using the darker shades of this versatile hue is the current trend. However, it is a move that is considered only for the very brave.

Warm Accents

Warm accents have been on the rise in kitchen trends for quite some time now but it is their combination with browns and natural materials that will take 2019 by storm. Combining those neutrals, gold’s and materials makes for an incredibly warm environment that can make any guest instantly feel at home. These accents are easily adaptable with other colours and go hand in hand with quality design.


These handy additions are obviously dependant on the space you have available, but islands still continue to dominate a number of larger kitchens, with some even opting for two islands. Many choose to incorporate breakfast bar seating to really make the island a part of the kitchen area. Despite the fact they require space in the centre of the kitchen; they also provide homeowners with additional storage space.


Can you think of a better way to make more of a personal statement than with open shelving? Think about it; having your chosen accessories on display to truly define your tastes. If you want to keep things strictly kitchen-based, you can choose to display specific food items on your shelving. Regardless of you accessory choices, open shelving creates a wonderful aesthetic in your kitchen and is a simple home improvement.

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