The Advantages of Using Blackout Shades

Some people have heard of blackout curtains or shades but have not really considered the advantages of having them. Some may not have heard of them at all. These are curtains or window treatments specifically designed with fabric, sometimes layers and thickness in mind that blocks out more light than regular curtains will. They are a popular style of curtain in bedrooms and nurseries, are especially valued highly by shift workers and parents of children who are difficult to put down for their day time naps.

Some people shy away from even considering blackouts because they think these are black curtains. While you can get black in fact blackout curtains can be any color and they then have an inner lining often white in color. They are made from a special material that is what blocks the light, you can get them in varying degrees of effectiveness, up to 99%. So do not be put off by the idea of black curtains as that not true. There are a variety of reasons why blackout shades are a great choice in any home so let’s look at some of them.

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Sleep better during daylight hours – This is really a large one for anyone who has to sleep during the day, babies, shift workers, and night workers for example. It can be hard when even with your curtains drawn, there is still too much light in the room and your sleep is light and restless, or non-existent. However, put up a pair of blackout curtains in the bedroom and it is like it is night time outside!

Energy saving – That is right, you can actually help the environment and save on heating bills if you use these. They prevent drafts from getting in and stop heat from escaping the room. In the winter this means warm rooms that cost less to keep warm. In the summer the blocking of sun rays actually helps to keep the room cooler as well as darker. Invest in some blackout shades and you should see your energy bill drop.

Noise blocking – While they are not made to specifically block out noise they do actually block out some of it. Another feature day time sleepers or anyone wanting to sleep in some mornings will really appreciate.

Making sure you get all the benefits

To really get the full effect of the curtains you need to make sure you have the right length or size. The whole window should be covered and they should be placed so they hang from a higher position than a usual curtain rod. That way no light will get over the top or under the bottom. Measure your windows carefully then. They are easy to put up, and then you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits these great curtains have to offer, in a variety of styles and colors to suit the rooms you want them in.

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