The Choices of Plantation Shutters as Your Window Covering

There are several choices of window coverings available in the market for your home. You can opt for an assortment of shutters or standard blinds. One product that is hugely popular among contractors and homeowners is plantation shutter. The history of this shutter is interesting and so; you should aware of a little bit of background knowledge as to why you should consider purchasing it. It must be noted that there lies a difference between the layout of a plantation shutter and a traditional one. A traditional one has narrower and smaller angled slats and is found commonly in those home that belongs to the New England region and in Australia such as Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth. Nowadays the manufacturers produce them in all sizes and shapes.

The main advantage to install interior plantation shutters is that they promote air flow. The wider slats permit plenty of light and plenty of air. Before the introduction of climate control and electricity, people used to depend a lot on these products for light and air. This explains the reason why people living in the Northern regions construct their homes with a narrow-slat window opening. Another major distinguishing factor of these shutters is that they are located on hinges that allow them to be opened fully and then folded back. Moreover, here, the shutters can be customized so that it fits any window shape or size.

Interior Shutters

A plantation shutter is a shutter that is installed in a home as a window covering. It is custom built according to the house and is available in a variety of louver widths and colors. Its popularity is because of its aestheticism and practicality. With this shutter, you can control ventilation and light easily. It can be cleaned very easily, and it lasts during the lifetime of a house if maintained properly. Its classic elegance gives an exciting and a new life to the luxurious homes that are available these days.

Modern day use

Though the days of plantation houses have passed a long time back, yet the immense popularity of plantation shutters has remained the same. Good quality interior shutters offer homeowners a classic and a sophisticated design that controls, gives a classic design and significant privacy besides complete home value. The customized shutters make them perfect for homes. Their durability cannot be matched by any other window covering. This is the main reason here; why many homes have opted for these shutters.

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