The Essentials Of Controlling Termites

Termites are wood-destroying insects that cause millions of dollars in damages to homes and properties each year. These pests love to feed on damp wood, dry wood, and subterranean wood within home and business foundations. Similarly, wood termites congregate and procreate in heavily forested areas. They simply love warm, arid and moisture areas where they can breakdown wood particles for food. According to pest control experts, controlling termites can prevent the five billion dollars of damages they do each year. However, you should avoid DIY techniques and leave it for the termite control experts to take care of.

Termite Activities

Termites usually come out in early spring for wood-feeding activities. They tend to resemble large swarms of flying ants. However, termites are from the cockroach family and can easily infest your homes and offices. If you notice chipped, chewed, or bitten wood in and around your property, chances are you have a full-swing termite infestation. You can also look for mud tubes around the interior or exterior of your home and especially the foundation. This too is a strong indication of termite activities. Controlling termites requires a seasoned and skilled hand. With years of extensive industry experience, local exterminators can easily rid your home or business of termites.

Why Termite Control is Essential?

Pest control specialists have the tools and expertise to combat termite infestation. In fact, they offer complimentary consultations and free quotes on termite eradication and prevention. Similarly, they feature monthly, quarterly, and bi-yearly maintenance plans to remove all types of insects and pests from your home’s interiors and exteriors. This includes silverfish, bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, hornets, wasps, bees, and even dangerous birds.

For termites, exterminators will check for dark or blistered wood structures. They will also check for dead termites, as well as their offspring and damaged wooden areas with your property’s foundation.
Here is how exterminators can remove termites permanently:

• Pest control specialists utilize the latest in cutting-edge pesticides to stop termites’ cold.
• They also find the nest and remove the queen termite if possible.
• Local specialists use fumigation, treatment sprays, foams, and place termite bait stations around your home and yards.
• The above-mentioned techniques are a sound and cost-effective way to have termites permanently removed from your property.

Other Factors to Consider

While termites should only be removed by certified professionals, there are ways to prevent infestation on your own. For one, remove any wet or damp card-boards in and around your home. Remember, termites love to congregate and feed in warm, arid, and moisture areas. You may also want to set your AC system’s humidity levels to between 44% – 55%. This is a good way to prevent excessive moisture build-up within your property. Also, make sure your interior and exterior faucets are shut off tightly and not dripping. Check your gutter for leaks and other areas that can attract termite activities across your home or business.

You should also have the pest control specialist, like this termite control Orange CA option, block off entrance and exit routes for termites. These are usually the small openings at the bottom of garage doors. Make sure there are no tree stubs and shrubbery present in your front and backyards. The same also goes for landscaping waste that may temporarily sit in your garage for weekly pickup. These will surely attract termites to the inside of your garage and may cause them to enter your kitchen through the cracks on doors. By taking preventative maintenance, you can prevent a full blown termite infestation even if your home gets full fumigation services once or twice per year.

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