The Forgotten Appliance: Maintaining Your Hot Water Heater

Most of your appliances receive some maintenance through the year, from cleaning the refrigerator’s coils to wiping out the dishwasher’s filter. One appliance that’s often overlooked is the hot water heater. It valiantly warms your water every day. Learn how to take care of this appliance so that no surprises are part of your day.

Looking for Rust

A simple maintenance task is observing the tank. Turn on the lights in your garage or tank closet. Take a close look at the exterior surface. Mentally note if you see any rust or damage in these areas.

Don’t forget to look for rust near the base and top sections. Water is corrosive, so the tank’s connection points may have early signs of decline. If any rust is developing, contacting a water heater repair Gloucester VA professional may be in order.

Draining the Tank

A great way to maintain your tank is by draining it several times a year. Attach a garden hose to the tank. Shut off the incoming water to it, and drain the stored water. Use a flashlight to inspect the interior. If any repairs are necessary, a drained tank is perfect for the repair professionals.

Determining Its Lifespan

Your hot water heater will normally have a lifespan of around 10 years. If you follow regular maintenance schedules, the 10-year mark is typically when you consider a new model. Increase the regularity of your inspections. Areas that are growing active rust will eventually damage the tank’s protective layers. Water might eventually spill out through these small areas. Remember that the tank is under a lot of pressure so any corrosion will cause significant issues with its reliability.

Ideally, call a repair professional if you need to replace the tank. Although it will be empty upon installation, the tank is still an incredibly heavy item. The professionals have specific tools and strategies to safely place the tank into its everyday position. With attention to this appliance’s maintenance schedule, you should have a tank that operates well past 10 years.

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