The Fundamentals of Resin Flooring in Industry

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Industrial epoxy resin flooring is an incredibly beneficial floor coating used in a variety of industry sectors, that provides an incredibly high resilience when exposed to general wearing, foot traffic, abrasion and harsh chemicals. Establishments such as museums, schools, kitchens, garages, warehouses and many more have all utilised the benefits of a slip resistant epoxy resin floor.

The coating is designed with multiple layers of epoxy resins and aggregates that vary in grain size, which is then coated with a sealing layer which becomes the surface. It may come as a surprise to learn that despite the longevity and quality of industrial flooring, it is relatively inexpensive and can be installed quickly with an efficient method. Their resilience provides a hygienic surface that is easily cleaned and does not collect dirt as other flooring surfaces would. This comes in handy for industries such as hospitals and medical properties, as their need for a clean environment is nothing but crucial.

Resin floors can be completely customised into a variety of designs, even featuring bespoke graphics such as company logos or colour schemes. However, you do not have to have a colour scheme or fancy graphic as the resin can come completely transparent, leaving you with a durable floor coating whilst still seeing the original floor.

An industrial epoxy resin floor will provide a glossy finish that can make a room appear more spacious than it actually is. This can be beneficial to rooms that a used frequently and will quite often be full of people. This is an incredibly simple yet effective method to obtaining the illusion of space without the added expense. A reliable resin flooring Installation Company will happily provide you with as much information as you need, and a no-obligation quotation to begin planning your new flooring venture.

A variety of companies within a range of industry sectors can make use of durable industrial flooring treatments and upgrades, which make drastic improvements to safety and hygiene within a working environment. High quality epoxy resin flooring is a fantastic improvement on any flooring found in warehouses, factories, garages, kitchens and many other floors that are subjected to heavy goods, harsh chemicals and a large amount of foot traffic. Epoxy resin can last for years and years, which makes it the most cost effective option on the market.

Epoxy resin is a complex combination of materials and chemicals that come together to form a new surface on an existing floor. This new floor coating can withstand so much more than it could previously, whilst also preserving the original should you want to keep the original aesthetic. Epoxy resin also comes in a variety of colours; for example, you can choose to have you floor in a colour scheme that suits your existing colour scheme or company logo.

The long lasting attributes of epoxy resin is perfect for businesses that work with heavy machinery, such as doemstic garages. The constant use of the aforementioned heavy machinery such as cars and vans means the floor is susceptible to damage simply from day to day use. Epoxy resin will prevent the forming of cracks and holes in your floor that can potential cause serious harm to equipment, and more importantly, to the health and safety of employees.

The longevity, aesthetic and customisation of epoxy resin flooring are exactly why companies are choosing to upgrade their floors sooner rather than later. Contact your local industrial flooring installation company to discuss your new floor and for a free no-obligation quote. Epoxy resin flooring is the ideal solution for those looking for a cost effective means of changing their industrial working environment, or even their domestic garage flooring, for the better.

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