The Ins-and-Outs: Kitchen Remodeling Trends Of 2019

If you are a mother who loves cooking, your kitchen is the focal point of your home. The same goes for seasoned hosts or people who love cooking. Different kitchen design ideas are now proliferating across the internet. As 2019 begins, you might have spent hours looking at different kitchen showrooms with state-of-the-art appliances as you plan to remodel your kitchen.

With too many designs and options, how would you pick the best design for your kitchen remodeling? Here are some ideas that you might consider for your new kitchen.

Installation of Concealed Storage

Say goodbye to traditional shelves and cabinets as 2019 kitchens can now have integrated storages. Concealed storage is now trending because it is also a way to save space. New kitchen designs show cabinets with integrated shelves at the bottom. Some designs allowed cabinet doors as artwork wall with a painting hanging onto it. And for moms out there, you can turn your cabinet columns into a mini-summary with your cookbooks inside it.

Installation of Open Shelves

Say goodbye to hanging wooden cabinets and replace it with metal or glass hanging shelves. This kitchen design trend was adapted from hotels. If you have a bold taste when it comes to decorating your own kitchen, you can use these open shelves to exhibit arts and images that is ‘so you’. This includes collections from your trips or your limited-edition vases.

Make it Colorful

Say goodbye to stainless steel or white kitchen and make your kitchen as lively as you are. This is another kitchen design trend that is showing some promise. With this design, you don’t have to tear your kitchen into pieces, you just have to rearrange some appliances, replace the old ones with colorful new ones (blue ref, or bright red oven), and repaint your cabinets and shelves. Having colorful countertops can also do the trick or add green counter stools.

Go Vintage

This 2019, say goodbye to modern kitchen chairs and table designs. This year is showing some promise to traditional elements integrated with modern kitchen designs. You can replace your steel chairs with rattan furniture. You can also replace your chandelier with vintage-looking lighting designs. Instead of having bowls for fruits, you can also have a traditional fruit-basket in the middle of your kitchen table.

Go Fully Digital

Though 2019 welcomes the old and vintage designs, it also welcomes a new kitchen era where everything is digitalized. Digital and technological innovations will continue to make housewives and kitchen lovers to be happy with different innovations. If you are into modern technology, you can give your kitchen a new look by adding a coffeemaker that you can control via the internet. You can also cap off your day by having a glass of wine from your large wine fridge. Complement your appliances with a sci-fi theme design.


Once you settled with specific kitchen design, you can start planning remodeling your kitchen. Some factors to consider are budget, the time it will take for the renovation, and the company that will do it. Remember, only trust professional remodeling companies.

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