Three Under-Appreciated Jobs in Washington

There are many aspects of daily life that people take advantage of without thinking deeper on how they are possible in the first place. It is time to shine some light on the workers that make the world turn, and give them some love.

Street Sweeper

So many people litter out of their cars or onto the sidewalk. Why aren’t the streets flooded with garbage? People in the profession of street sweeper washington keep the roads clean for everyone. Many people don’t even think about this as they go about their commute or errands around town. You get to enjoy the fruits of their labor every day. They are unsung heroes.

Trash Collector

Once you’ve thrown something away, you just want it out of your face, right? Well, there are people tasked with handling your trash so you don’t have to deal with the consequences of your own consumerism- out of sight, out of mind. You know the drill, bring your bin to the curb and bring it back the next day. However, trash collectors are rarely acknowledged in this process. Instead, they should be lauded.

Sewage Maintenance Worker

Arguably one of the least desirable jobs on this planet would be to deal with human waste. However, it is also one of the most vital to our society. It is of utmost concern for public health and safety. Without sanitary waste removal and treatment, people would still be sloshing buckets of unmentionables into the streets. These workers deserve to live a life of luxury when they aren’t down mucking about in the sewers. In fact, they should be treated like royalty.

Although these jobs don’t seem like a lot of fun, there are lots of people out there doing them everyday. Go out of your way to show your appreciation to these public service employees, just like you would a firefighter.

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