Tips for Brightening Up Dark Rooms

Are you struggling with an interior space in your house that doesn’t get much natural light? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to schedule major home renovations to lighten up your dark spaces. A few decorating tricks here and there and everything will be fine. Keep in mind that this could be your basement, guest bedroom, or even your bathroom. Lightening up a dark and dreary interior space will instantly make it more appealing to the eyes. Here are some simple ways you can use to brighten up a dark room in your home.

Maximize Light with Mirrors

Mirrors are among the best tools that you can use to make your dark room appears bright. Try as much as possible to place mirrors directly opposite windows so that they can reflect as much natural light as possible. If this isn’t possible, don’t worry since the strategic use of mirrors will always brighten your room regardless of where they are placed. You can position your mirrors over side tables, mantles, or over your couches. No matter where they are placed, mirrors will always serve as small windows that open your interior spaces and make them appear brighter.

Avoid Blocking Out Windows

The other thing that you can do to brighten up your rooms is to avoid blocking out your windows. Make sure that you use adjustable shades and window curtains that are light in colors and have airy fabrics. Always remember the fact that thick curtains tend to reduce the amount of natural light that flows into your rooms and make it feel much smaller and enclosed. Keeping your window treatment minimal will instantly improve the amount of natural light that flows into your room hence opening up your spaces to the outdoors.

Lighten the Lampshades

If you haven’t been using lampshades in your dark rooms, then you need to start doing so today. Lampshades are quite incredible because they provide a beautiful decorative element that also brightens up your rooms. Just be careful on the shades that you choose to avoid complicating things further. Avoid the opaque shades if you are trying to brighten up your spaces. Instead, go for a light material such as linen that will allow a good amount of light to filter through.

Get Strategic About Your Light Placement

In addition to the primary ceiling light, you also need to add some extra light lamps in strategic spots around the room to make it feel brighter. For instance, instead of sticking that floor lamp in a corner you never sit in, try to add the magnificent swing arm lamp by your couch, and you will see a big difference.

Adopt a Minimalistic Approach to Decorating

Being cautious with your room decorations can also help you accomplish your target. Work towards reducing the clutter and streamlining your spaces which will help your rooms to appear much bigger, open hence improving the feeling of brightness. Spent some time decluttering and reorganizing your home to clear the cabinets and clean up the spaces. Not only will your interior spaces feel brighter, but you will also feel less stress from a messy and cluttered home.

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About the Author: Eli Pappas