Tips for Capturing your Thanksgiving Memories

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, in this short guide, we will give you some tips on how to capture picture-perfect memories. Whether you intend to upload them on Facebook or have them printed for an album, you have to master the basic techniques to take photos that will be reminiscent of the fun time.

Rent Photography Equipment

Consider camera and lighting rental as you plan your Thanksgiving photo shoot. It does not make sense to invest in expensive gear if you are just a novice and if you do not intend to use the tools for professional purposes. You can rent the needed equipment just for Thanksgiving so that you have the professional kit needed to take pictures like a pro.

While you will be confronted with a long list of options, if you want to rent lenses, cameras, and other equipment, BorrowLenses should be on the top of your list.

Go Behind the Scenes

Most of us are probably guilty of not shooting the preparations. If we shoot photos, often, it will just be for the dinner and the fun that follows after. To preserve the wonderful memories of such a special day, you should not forget to shoot behind the scenes. Capture the moments leading to the dinner, such as the preparation of the turkey that will be served during the feast!

Zoom In

Aside from capturing the behind the scenes, you should also zoom in to the details. This will give the pictures more depth. This will also be crucial when it comes to storytelling. Take an extreme closeup of the meals that are served, especially the turkey. You should fill the frame with details that will make people instantly think of Thanksgiving and feel its spirit when they take a look at the pictures.

Find the Lighting

Light is the most powerful tool any photographer can have. Therefore, it is important to find the source of natural light to make the photos look better. If you are shooting at daytime, find a window and have it opened to let the light in. You might even want to serve the meal outside to use natural lighting in the pictures.

Take Candid Photos

The best Thanksgiving photos do not look stiff and scripted. Rather, the subjects should look free-spirited. The photos should show that they are having fun. Take stolen shots. For instance, when someone is carving a turkey, take a picture of that person or the reaction of the people around without them knowing that they are being photographed.

Shoot from the Top

As a photographer, you should be creative when it comes to the angles at which you are shooting. While it is good to take shots from an eye-level perspective, you can be more creative by taking a photo from a higher vantage point. Use an elevated tripod or stand in a chair to capture such a shot.

We do not get the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving every day. Nonetheless, you can make the memories last forever by following the tips that have been briefly mentioned above.

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