Tips for Senior Moving

For many adults, aging brings new challenges. Things you used to do without any problems, such as going up and down your stairs, cooking, and cleaning, are harder. Your Denver house may suddenly feel too big. New health conditions may make it harder to maintain a completely independent lifestyle. Assisted living facilities make living on your own much easier for seniors. First, however, you need to move. Here are a few tips on moving for seniors.

Determine How Much Space You’ll Have in Your New Home

Before you start figuring out what to take and what to get rid of, determine how much space your new home will have. When touring denver assisted living communities, take note of how large the apartments are and how much storage space is available.

Don’t Go Through Your Whole House at Once

If you try to go through your entire house at once, you may easily become overwhelmed. You have years of precious memories in your home. Take it one room at a time if you have to. Take frequent breaks. Don’t rush the process.

Determine What’s Most Important

Many of the items in your home may hold memories, and it can be difficult to let those things go. Determine what things are the most important to you. Avoid having a “maybe” pile. Figure out what gets used the most. If you have collections of items, determine which items in those collections are your favorites. Make photo albums so that you will always be able to remember your most precious moments.

Bring in Family for Help

Don’t go through your house on your own. Invite your children and grand children to come help. Having your family with you can make the process easier. You may also find new homes for some of your treasured items, meaning you don’t have to get rid of them.

Downsizing and moving can be difficult, especially when you have years of memories in your current home. With a little help and planning, however, you can make the process easier.

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