Tips On Buying Your First House

 Vancouver is a charming, coastal seaport region in Western Canada. This tranquil city has grown popular both as a place to find work and start a family. Although Vancouver is priced as one of the most expensive housing markets in Canada, it is among the cleanest and rewarding to live in. The climate is extremely mild making exploring all-year round possible. If you’re looking to settle down and purchase your first home in the area, here is what you need to know.

Use an agent

Sure, you can opt to skip this step but by using a real estate agent can help. If this is your first house, and you’re unfamiliar with Vancouver, they can save you time and money. Buyer’s agents know when new listings are released and can offer relevant advice on ones that may be over-priced.

Do a home inspection

Before making a purchase offer, it is best to visit or evaluate the property in person. Take the time out to accurately inspect the house and pay specific attention to things that may not be visible in plain sight. Avoiding the opportunity to inspect the home for faults, you may end up paying more than what you could have. Property damages or major repairs identified in the inspection can fall on the seller to fix. Minor or personal preferences to things that feel old or worn out will need to be sorted out by you. For example, a faded or chipped countertop or kitchen island may need to be added under things to renovate after purchasing. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips to create a modern and stylish house.

Find something under your budget

Before browsing for houses it is important to establish an ideal price range. A mortgage calculator or financial advisor can help you understand what your budget is and what you can afford to spend. Remember to provide a slightly lower figure to the estate agent or when you start searching for homes, as the additional cash will need to go into closing costs, maintenance costs and other unforeseen expenses.

Pick the right house and neighbourhood

Draw up a list of non-negotiables that the house should have, for example, a swimming pool, a laundry or a double garage. This will narrow down the list of options in determining the type of house. Non-negotiables can extend beyond the house to the neighbourhood and community. Things like private schools, proximity to a grocery store or hospital, or in an estate or business district are examples of this. Vancouver has many vibrant and interesting areas to settle down in.

Life in Vancouver is special owing to its placement between the mountains and the sea. You’re bound to be spoilt by scenery regardless of where you settle down. Clever city planning has ensured that the limited residential space and population density does not affect accessibility or living conditions. Purchasing a house in Vancouver may be a big decision, but one that will be rewarding. We wish you the best of luck with picking out your perfect home in this area.

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