Tips to remove and prevent the growth of black algae in swimming pool

Often pool owners have complained about the growth of black substances on the pool. These usually happen in the warm months because of the warm water. The warm water acts as a breeding ground for different types of microorganisms. Although these do not pose much harm or danger, not taking care of it properly can prove to be extremely risky.

What are black algae?

Black algae are small microorganisms that grow on the swimming pool surface. These usually appear in the form of black spots. One bad thing about black algae is that it usually appears in the corner and more specifically the hard to reach areas. Black algae grow under shade as well as sunlight. Black algae is an adamant swimming pool algae which are hard to get rid of.

Experts often advise to add algaecide into the pool, but it won’t be of any help. This is usually because algae are deeply embedded into the roots of the swimming pool and also the natural layer on the algae eventually makes the chemicals to penetrate through it. The chemicals cannot break through the skin of algae which can cause harm to your swimming pool.

It is very common to notice black algae breakout in your pool. However, don’t get nervous when you notice this. Black algae may be hard to get rid of but it is not impossible. If you ensure proper pool maintenance and take care to remove these black spots, you will eventually be able to keep away these black algae.

How to treat black algae from swimming pool?

Proper maintenance is the key to getting rid of black algae. If you want a clean swimming pool, you need to ensure strong scrubbing. Some of the prominent ways to get rid of the adamant swimming pool black algae includes

Scrub the pool: To offer proper scrubbing, you should be using a high-quality nylon brush. You will need a strong brush to break the protective layer. Even when you notice small black spots on the pool surface it indicates that the roots of the algae are still there. Hence, scrubbing isn’t your only answer to removing black algae.

Use chlorine tablets: Since chlorine water isn’t enough, you can consider breaking a tablet and putting it into the affected areas of the black algae. Since it gets into the roots, it becomes easy to kill these.

Clean filter: Cleaning the filters regularly is one of the main requirements of your pool maintenance routine. Make sure to do it daily to avoid any inconvenience.

Proper installation of the pool can also help to avoid these inconveniences. You can get in touch with experts at Piscine De Mone for proper installation and eventually keeps away all bacterias and germs.

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