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Ever asked yourself which is the best social media site to market your locksmith business. There are many social media sites that offer you the benefits of accessing a large audience in the simplest way possible, however, to turn your efforts into profits, you need to know which sites you can focus all your attention. Here are six sites you should always use for your locksmith business marketing.


Facebook is the largest social media network available. This site allows users to share conversations and content, create and deploy targeted ads and engage with their audience among other things. It’s a great play you can use to generate and foster relationship with potential customers.


This video sharing site has approximately I million unique users every month. YouTube is the best place where you can build credulity by showcasing your locksmith skills, experience and qualifications. Everyone uses YouTube including homeowners, business owners, and large entities. You can start making a video about things like most asked questions in your industry. However, to increase your conversion rate, avoid posting long videos and focus on issues that people struggle with on a daily basis.


Pinterest is a place where you can create and share photos and links to your business. You can also have other things like location and contacts added to the photos to make it easier for potential clients to contact you. Locksmiths can use Pinterest to promote their brands to the audience in and out of your neighborhood. Create a board, fill them with a description of your business and don’t forget to add a link or links.


Just like Facebook, Twitter is used by everyone. It allows users to start conversations, share content and create events and targeted ads among other things. To maximize your reach, use the advanced search option or the hashtag symbols to either ask questions or provide answers to your audience.


LinkedIn is the largest resume pool. You can place your resume, read career-oriented blogs and access new articles. But most of all, you can search for potential clients in this site, establish relationships and relate with other locksmiths.


Instagram is a photo app which you can use to effectively market your professional locksmith business and the type of services you provide. It’s a good way of promoting your brand using stylized images. Although it might seem like Instagram is not a better place to market your business, including lots of stylized photos will work for you.

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