Types of Residential Siding

The siding on your home protects the structure from the elements and contributes to the overall appearance. There are several different types of residential siding available, all of which have unique advantages. Here is an overview that can help you determine which type of siding is the best option for your home.


When you are looking at options for house siding upgrade denver, you may want to consider fiber-cement board siding that can stand up to severe weather and sun. This material can mimic the look of wood shingles, stone masonry, or stucco. It’s available in numerous colors and shades, many of which do not require additional painting or staining. Fiber-cement resists fire and termites and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.


There are several traditional architectural styles that incorporate wood siding, including cottages and bungalows. Wood siding can be beautiful and durable as long as it is maintained properly and painted or stained regularly. Some locations with restrictive fire codes may not allow this type of siding.


A popular and affordable option, vinyl siding provides many advantages. It is available in a wide range of colors and styles, and it has fairly low maintenance requirements. The versatility of modern vinyl siding can make it a good option for a variety of architectural styles and climates.


If you want a timeless appearance, you may want to consider brick siding for your home. Bricks are durable and resist fire, making them a good option for long-term reliability. If you are changing the siding of an existing home, you will likely use a brick veneer rather than building traditional brick-and-mortar walls. A veneer can provide the appearance of bricks at a lower labor cost.

Choosing the right siding for your home requires you to consider the appearance, maintenance, and durability of each type of material. Brick veneer, vinyl siding, wood shingles, and fiber-cement board all have different maintenance requirements and benefits. You can work with a professional contractor to choose the right material for your home.

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