Welcome to multinational companies

Costumes, ties, laptop, corporate cars, airplanes, travel, meetings, training, announcements, mergers, acquisitions … Welcome to multinational companies!

How do multinational companies really work? Are they really effective? Do they serve their clients or take hostages? From what material are managers made? Is there what is called Corporate Social Responsibility? How does corporate propaganda work? How is corporate patriotism cultivated? How is the life of a man working in a multinational? And finally, multinational companies are producing? Here are some tips if you think to relocate to the heart of the greatest companies in Europe and cosmos values real estate is ready to help you find a place in Switzerland.

The company is a pyramid. At the top of the pyramid are few, very high stems, in the middle more and below is the crowd. For very high executives the fees are very high. And it’s not just the pay. There are a number of other benefits. As long as the pyramid descends, they are diminishing. For the middle and the low, the wages and salaries are not so great, but of course they do not cease to be better than in a middle or family business. Always in a multinational, wages and the environment are better.

In a middle position now, a privilege can be travel if one considers it to be such. You may also have a car, certainly a mobile phone and laptop, you do not have to pay a phone or internet at home because you are connected to the company, generally, some of your expenses are reduced. You have additional medical coverage, a retirement program to which the company contributes, etc. All of this is a package of “benefits”, as they are called. For a big executive all this is on a larger scale and bigger luxury, for example in the car.

From one point onwards, it is very likely that you will get shares of the company on preferential terms, or even stock options. So your interest is now identical to that of the company. Large executives can get large stock packages and options. Low ranks usually do not get, or take small packets. Equity ownership, however, connects executives with the company, and in short term. It is important for the share to rise in the short term, eg 6 months or 12 and not say 6 years, no one knows who will be there until then.

This is related to the relatively short-term horizon of employment in these companies. The average in our industry was five years. So one has to cash in on the benefits, no one knows what’s going on in the future.

Working hours depend on the company. There are companies that have many hours. There are others that hours are more reasonable, nine hours, let’s say. The question of working hours, however, begins and loses its meaning since these companies are multinationals, because that means you are permanently in touch with the outside, and then the difference in the time zones is played. You always answer emails and phones even when you are not working, eg from home, so actually working time becomes very elastic.

There are too many trips. Flights may start at 06:00 in the morning, you may have to change flights, go to an office, then to the hotel, there you can have a meeting with company people or with customers, even meals are with partners or customers. On a 2-3 day trip you may not have nearly any personal time.

Do you need to have a specific profile to manage to survive within a multinational company? And even more to climb the hierarchy. To get into the hierarchy you have to have a specific profile and the most important thing is to have this ambition. If you miss the ambition, you will never go up because you are just good at your job. Almost always need some approaches. Of course, some objective factors such as your character, abilities and studies are helpful. The acquaintances and relationships that grow in the company always play a decisive role.

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