What are the Benefits of Installing a Granite Countertop?

The very first thing that pops in our mind when thinking of granite countertops is their shiny black beauty. Granite offers an air of luxury into any kind of room and it helps in elevating the design of your kitchen or bathroom to entirely a new level. The second thing that pops in mind about the granite countertop is the price. Granite is deemed some kind of an investment and they have many benefits over other materials which makes them worth its price.

  1. Everest Granite kitchen countertops are sturdier than those of other materials. Granite is also harder than most of the common countertop options such as Formica, and also, it stands up well to regular wear and tear. Now, as granite is deemed like such a durable material, it is resistant to scratches, cutting on the surface with damage your knives but not the countertops.
  2. Another benefit of installing a granite countertop is that it is purely heat resistant. This makes it very ideal for using is near a cooktop or a range. Granite countertops also help you in saving a lot of worry about its wear and tear to set down hot pans, and as unlike other materials, granite is not prone to damage or get weakened by its exposure to heat. While this doesn’t sound much like a necessary improvement, but you will be astounded by how it is your cooking experience much more convenient.
  3. Also, you will never have to worry about the stains that are caused on the granite countertops. Unlike marble, granite is heat proof, scratch proof, wear and tear proof, and when it is completely sealed; granite doesn’t even absorb any kind of liquid or the stains that they can cause on it. The experts of Everest Granite will make sure that you are satisfied by a 100 percent, and you are making the most of the granite kitchen countertops for years to come. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today when you are thinking or have already decided on upgrading your countertops with a luxurious touch of granite.

Everest Granite is based in Montreal and has a variety of granite countertops to choose from. You can choose the countertop on the basis of your budget, size of your kitchen which will help in determining the quantity of materials you want to buy. To know more, consult our experts.

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