What are the Most Popular Flooring Trends in 2018?

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Are you looking for the hottest 2018 flooring trends that have a strong chance of maintaining their popularity for years to come? Check out these stylish and durable flooring types, patterns, colors and other options that are currently all the rage with Bradenton homeowners considering professional flooring installation.

Popular Trends in Flooring Options

In a growing society of environmentally conscious individuals and busy families, these options are highly desirable.

  • Eco-friendly Recyclable Options
  • Flooring from Renewable Sources
  • Waterproof Vinyl, Carpet and Laminate
  • American Made and Sourced Products

Aesthetics: Natural Looks

Bringing the outdoors inside is widely appealing to homeowners seeking a classic look with durability in mind. For this reason, stone flooring and hardwood flooring still reign supreme as top choices that will likely not go out of fashion soon. Quality stone and wood will cost more than most other options, but they tend to last for decades and are generally easy to repair and refinish.

Popular Patterns and Layouts

Chevron and herringbone tile and wood layouts are making statements in homes across the nation as are these media laid out in diagonal planks with wide and mixed widths. Unique and eye-catching, choosing a pattern and layout such as these ensures they’ll be stylish for a good while.

It’s All About the Appeal of Texture

Hand-scraped, distress and wire-brushed looks are making a huge resurgence within the interior design scene, so those looking for hardwood floors, laminates or engineered floors are in luck. These long-lasting styles are most popular in neutral hues that are sure to compliment the look of any room in the home.

Hot Color Trends in Floors

Neutrals are still dominating homes today, with shades of blonde, honey, whites, and grays within most flooring types. However, there is a rising interest in one-time and repeating patterns intended to draw the eye and create focal points amid floors with splashes of unexpected hues. High-variation grain patterns with darks contrasting with natural lights amid wood flooring are also on the rise but are somewhat costly exotic woods.

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