What Do I Need To Do when Renting an Apartment for the First Time?

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Renting your first apartment might seem a bit intimidating, as it is a heavy expense you didn’t have in high school or college. But you are ready, you’ve prepared for this process, and Southwest Station Condominiums is prepared to help whether you choose one of our apartments or find a lease through a different company. There are a few steps to take before renting apartments in Eden Prairie MN.

Determining Your Budget

The most important factor is that you understand your budget in realistic terms toward which apartment you can afford to rent. Consider the price of utilities, power and water, along with wi-fi and your regular phone bill. You’ll have to understand food expenses whether you buy groceries or eat out. Understand what further expenses may be involved for parking, keeping your pet happy, or other regular expenses you may have.

Choosing a Home

Ultimately, you have to choose a place to live where you can be happy. Check out the neighborhood before you move in. You don’t have to be besties with your neighbors, but you have to get along. You may find it most suitable to rent in a community of others your age, or you might want a quiet home in an elderly community. Such decisions are up to you, and your ability to recognize what you need for balance between your home and social life, and how you can find a balance between the two and maintain your friendships.


When you need apartments in Eden Prairie MN, give us a call at Southwest Station. We’ll work with you and help you find an appropriate place to live which will suit your needs.

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