What to Look for in Wall Lights

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When renovating a room, you need to think carefully about your lighting. The right lighting will very much make a room, so you want to make sure you get it right. Wall lighting is just one of the options you have when it comes to lighting a room. What do you need to know about wall lights before you go shopping for them? Here’s all the details you need.

What function will the wall light serve?

When you think of a wall light, you probably think of a small sconce that doesn’t provide much useful illumination. These lights are a good choice if you’re looking for decoration, but wall lights can do a lot more, too. They can serve as reading lights, spotlights for decorative items on your walls, picture lights, or even safety lights. There are lots of different functions, so decide on what you want them to do before you start looking.

Style and Design

Your wall lights will need to fit in with the rest of the decor in your room, so you’ll want to pick a style that fits. You can pick lights that blend in and are unobtrusive, or you can find lights that are decorations all on their own. For example, if you love Art Deco styling, the Tiffany wall lights that are available from Lampwise are sure to look fantastic in your home. This is very much up to you as the homeowner and you can pick whatever style you’d like.

Where will the light be installed?

If you already have wall lights and you’re just looking to change them out for something new, then you won’t need to worry too much about this. If you’re putting brand new lights in though, placement is important. Again, it’s down to how you want to use them. If you want to illuminate a picture, then the best placement will be above the picture itself. If you’re just looking to add a warm glow to the room, they could go on either side of the chimney breast. Place them wherever you think they will work best.

Functional Lights

There are wall lights that are more than just a simple light. One of them may be perfect for what you need. For example, in an office, a wall mounted arm lamp can be swung over your desk, freeing up space on the desk itself. Reading lights can be attached to bedside lights, so you can read in bed without disturbing your partner. Take a look at what’s available to you.

Unique Wall Lights

Finally, there are lights that are just a bit different. There are lights you can install in niches to illuminate them and whatever’s inside. There are even shelf lights that function as both a light and a shelf at the same time. Be creative with your wall lights to get the most from them.

Consider what you need from your wall lights before you go shopping for them. Pick the right light style, placement, and purpose and you’ll have a light that gives you just what you need.

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