Which Material is best for Plantation Shutters?

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Are you like many home owners considering plantation shutters for your space? Plantation shutters Orlando are indeed a great choice for homes but do you know which material is right for your space. We are talking about Aluminum, Wood, PVC – all are out there with the manufacturers and suppliers. But what should be your pick? Gator Shutters explains how factors like location, cost, durability and aesthetic aspects should be looked upon when finalizing Plantation shutters.

This write up is an attempt to educate and inform all the proud homeowners of the different materials plantation shutters are available in so that they end up with the shutter of their choice in their budget. 

Classic Wooden Shutters

Nothing can beat the charm and feel of the wood shutters. These traditional yet very classy wood plantation shutters are one of the most beautiful window treatments available and if aesthetics tops the charts for you, wood plantation shutters Orlando are the way to go. 

They are pricey, but think of the wow element they bring in to the place they are installed in. Moreover, from real estate point of view, Wood plantation shutters add to the property value too. Talking about functionality, wood shutters offer excellent insulation and so are an energy efficient choice. 

Aluminum Plantation Shutters

Metal shutters – if you live in areas where harsh weather conditions prevail for most of the year, aluminum shutters are an excellent pick. When it’s not just aesthetics but also functionality, nothing comes near the aluminum shutters. And who said, they don’t add to the aesthetic value – get them to match your window frame and they look like one connecting piece.  

However, when you are looking for aluminum shutters cross check every detail so that you don’t end up buying inferior product. 

PVC Shutters

So, if you are looking for an option that offers both aesthetic and cost, well, PVC Shutters make for a great choice. You could get them in hue of colors and designs and so they will fit in your décor effortlessly. They are a good choice for high moisture areas like bathroom, laundry room and kitchen where spilling is also an issue. 

They come cheaper than aluminum and wood shutters and they enjoy longevity. They are also aesthetically pleasant and offer excellent insulation when needed. They will trap in the sun’s light during the day and keep temperature to the normal for everyone. 

We hope that now many of your doubts and concerns over the plantation shutters have been answered and you can now pick the right material for you. Well, if you still have some questions, you can always visit us at Gator Shutters and our team of experienced professional would help you pick the right one. 


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