Why So Many People Love Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is a popular option for home and business owners that is attractive and reliable. People have been using timber flooring for centuries and will most likely continue to do so for centuries more. There are many reasons why so many people love this type of flooring and go to something like Timber Flooring Clearance Centre when they are looking to renovate their home. Here are some of the great reasons that you might choose timber flooring in your home or business.

They’re Easy to Clean

Compared to other types of flooring like carpet, timber flooring can be cleaned with ease. They do not tend to accumulate much dirt and debris and when they do it can easily be cleaned off. It’s recommended that you vacuum, mop, and dry your timber flooring once a week and sweep in between.

It Looks Great

One of the main reasons why timber flooring is so popular is because of how it looks. It looks elegant and high end unlike many flooring options like linoleum which many think looks cheap and tacky. Timber flooring is something that will never go out of style and can make your home look more spacious.

It’s A Good Investment

Since hardwood floors are built to last, chances are that you will not have to replace them while you own your home. This means that they will still look great when it comes time for resale which can drive up the price of your home. Buyers love the look of timber floors and it may make your home a more attractive option than something else that they were considering.

It’s Built to Last

There are timber floors in homes that have been around for generations. As long as they are properly maintained, timber floors can last for several decades without needing to be replaced. Modern timber flooring is finished in ways that are designed to last longer than older generations of wood flooring. This means that they will be handling the traffic that your family and customers expose it to and you won’t have to worry.

Relatively Easy Installation

As long as the people installing your flooring know what they are doing, the process is fairly simple and straight-forward. Timber flooring is milled in a way to make sure that the pieces fit together and look great. Keep in mind that choosing unfinished timber flooring can make the installation process last quite a bit longer than if you purchased a finished option.


Timber flooring has come a long way and there are now more options than there ever have been. There are different types of wood, stain, and styles that you can have installed in your home that will fit your taste. Even if you have rather unique taste when it comes to your style preferences, there is a good chance that you will be able to find timber flooring that you will absolutely love for the life of your home.

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